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Is your food packaging compliant?

Meridian Speciality Packaging specialises in manufacturing packaging for direct and indirect food contact applications, this includes packaging for food products intended for both human and animal consumption. This confectionery, food and pet food packaging specialism has developed out of years of working with suppliers and customers to ensure that all necessary measures are in place to achieve the primary goal of consumer safety.

Our experience has been endorsed since 2008 by Meridian's certification to BRCGS Global Standards Issue 6, Packaging Materials and most recently we were awarded a Grade AA certification (July 2021).

We combine the flexibility and speed of response typical of a smaller company with quality standards underpinned by our BRCGS accreditation.

Direct and indirect food contact packaging

We have put in place a "safe building blocks" approach with positive selection of inherently safe materials, inks and coatings and control of manufacturing to good manufacturing practice standards. We draw best practices from a range of sources as well as keeping track of legislative changes to ensure we can provide timely and accurate statements of compliance and declarations of legal compliance to underpin our high standards.

Legal Compliance

All producers of food packaging are legally required to comply with UK legislation concerning contact between the food product intended to be packaged and the packaging materials. Even now that the UK has moved away from EU harmonised legislation, both current and future working practices will remain aligned to both UK and EU legislation to ensure we maintain seamless and flexible supply throughout Europe and beyond.

This legal requirement isn't simply a by-product of a voluntary certification to BRCGS or other food hygiene and quality standards; it is a clear requirement mandated in law and advised by the Food Standards Agency.

Declarations of Compliance (DoC)

A common misconception is that the obligation to provide declarations of compliance (DoCs) is something only affecting certified suppliers. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is legally mandated as part of Regulation 2023/2006 - and sets out the requirement for all suppliers to provide clear declarations of the suitability of their product for direct or indirect food contact.

Food manufacturers, retailers, packing houses and wholesalers should be demanding this level of documentation from all suppliers of primary direct and indirect food packaging. This should also include distributors who should be able to obtain and translate the documentation from their suppliers and present it in a meaningful fashion to their customers.

Certificate Download

To view or download our BRCGS Certificate of Registration please click here.

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