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Box Styles

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A popular carton with a tapered design where the sides pinch in to form the angled face and hold the product in place. The cartons are supplied flat and come with a crash-lock bottom which can be simply assembled. Available with and without windows these are great for showing off your product or over-labeling. Shop A-frame cartons now.

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We are the only UK manufacturer of this popular European style of ballotin, with a solid base and four sides, these tapered boxes come lined with glassine sheets for added protection against moisture or residue from the products. These ballotins are designed to be secured with a ribbon and dressed in front of a customer on a self-fill counter. Shop off the shelf ballotins now.

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Box and Lid

Our most commonly manufactured construction, a two-part fold up base and lid is the ideal construction for a huge range of products, from chocolate truffles to wax melts. Our bases and lids have thumb-cuts for ease of opening and arrive flat for assembly and storage. These boxes can be paired with a transparent lid to view the products or a printed sleeve that wraps around the outside. Shop our box & lid range now.

Twist End Cracker Illustration-msp


Our specially designed twist end cracker allow for self closure without the need for additional closures such as a ribbon. Simply pop open to assemble, fill with contents, then twist the ends to lock. Shop stock crackers now.

Crashlock Illustration-msp

Crashlock carton

A crashlock carton is an ideal solution for a product with a little extra weight as the glued base prevents it from easily bursting open. The pre-glued design locks into place for ease of assembly as it simply pops open and locks into place. This style is ideal for candle votives or reed diffusers. Shop stock crashlock cube cartons now.

Pillow Box Illustration-msp

Pillow pack

A pillow pack is a simple solution for sending smaller items by direct mail or if requiring a neat presentation pack. These small boxes are perfect for packaging chocolates or smaller items like jewellery, ties or cosmetics. These boxes can be constructed out of PVC or cardboard.

Pizza Style Box Illustration-msp

Pizza style

Subscription boxes are a huge growth area in the gift industry. Although this style of packaging has been around for a long time, it is now synonymous with the ‘Graze’ style box. Size is imperative as they are designed to fit within the Royal Mail large letter category. This style comes flat and is easy to store. Shop Postal outer shipping boxes now.

Box Sleeve Illustration-msp


A sleeve, whether in cardboard or PVC, is the ideal way to add branding to your packaging without commiting to printing full boxes. A sleeve can come glued or with locking tabs for self assembly.

Skillet Illustration-msp

Skillet end carton

A machine erectable carton often used for auto-filling and sealing in line by a packing machine. Most often seen in food packaging requiring tamper proof packaging or the pharmaceutical industry.

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