Custom Packaging Samples and Prototypes

Are you ready to source packaging? Have you ever looked around and not really known where to begin? Our expert in-house creative team are on hand to help you begin your packaging journey, from initial concept to prototype.

It is packaging prototypes we are going to focus on and why they are an essential part when beginning your packaging journey.

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Benefit from our packaging design expertise

Every product is different, and these variables make a difference to the style of packaging we design for each of our unique customers. Let us take your project from initial concept to creation, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Send in your product and we will create white prototypes to ensure that our design suits your requirements completely, we would never want you to commit to any large project without first of all seeing what we will be manufacturing.

Our standard white samples are just plain prototypes that do not carry any graphics or printing and are typically used for quickly validating the quality of the material and structure.

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Working it out

Getting a sample is not just a way to verify the structural design. Most of our packaging is supplied flat for self-assembly but often it does come as a surprise when you are faced with a flat box and no instructions.

If you have 10,000 boxes and they take you 10 minutes each to assemble, we know we need to go back to the drawing board to make some revisions to speed this up for you. We have a lot of assembly videos on our youtube channel  Alternatively we are happy to set up a skype session to show you how to assemble one to one.

Packaging assembly

Getting visual

Once you are happy with the sample you can then set to work on the graphic design with the aid of our supplied CAD templates.

A beautiful design might look great on screen, but when you come to create a physical sample, you might be in for a surprise. Do all the panels read the right way up? Will it be eye-catching on the shelf? Can you read all the text clearly?

We offer two types of printed packaging prototypes to bring your samples to life:

Digital sample:

These samples are made according to the exact specifications, with the correct construction and material, but these will be digitally printed.
Pro’s- These are a great visual representation for a meeting, have no charge and are quick to produce
Con’s- the print is not representative of final quality so not suitable for colour approval

Final Production Sample:

These samples are made according to the exact specification, including the chosen print process and finish.
Pro’s- Litho samples give exact final production quality, ideal for colour approval.
Con’s- There is significant cost (from £250) and a 14 day turn around. In cases where brand colours are specific or the project is of considerable value, this would warrant this type of sample, this is the only way to ensure the exact look and finish for your project.

The decision is yours and we are on hand to give you all the information you require to make an informed decision on how to proceed.


Making a decision

A packaging sample is a convenient and hassle-free way to get a glimpse of how the final packaging will look like in physical form, it is absolutely essential to verify the structural and/or packaging design. 

Even if we produce a sample for you, you do not have to commit to placing an order with us if you feel unhappy with any aspects of the sample or service you are offered. 

Sampling before production effectively rules out any chances of mismatches in the quality and design of the product between what you expected and what you get. We take great care hand finishing every prototype for you as we understand how essential these samples are, especially as they are often the first physical representation of your brand that you will ever see. It should be an exciting time for you and your brand!

Ready to get started on your project? Get in contact with us now if you want to discuss your new project and get the ball rolling on your packaging prototypes.

Have we mentioned confusing terminology that you want explanations for? Check out our glossary for our ultimate packaging A-Z

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