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When you begin to look at packaging there are not many industries that do not employ the traditional process of foil blocking to add a luxury feel to their products.

From the cosmetic industry through to artisan chocolatiers, foil blocking gives your packaging the wow factor, but what many do not realise is how easy and cost-effective the process can be. We offer a minimum order from as little as 100 units and you can choose to foil our off the shelf stock products or go fully bespoke.

What's in a name?

Foil blocking is known by many different terms, whether it be hot foil blocking, block foiling or foil printing, these all describe the same process. For your first foray into custom packaging, foil blocking would give you a special end result whether your design covers a fine or large area. An extensive range of colours and finishes are available and where possible we aim to find the ideal match for your brand specified colours.

The foiling process

Foil blocking is a simple process that hasn’t changed much since the 20th century, here is a simplified explanation of the process:

  1. A design is etched into a piece of metal called a foiling die, we use magnesium for our dies
  2. This is put onto a hot stamping press that heats up 225° where we then begin setting up
  3. A roll of foil in your chosen colour goes between the die and the material to imprint the design, the two then come together under a whole lot of pressure!

Why choose foiling?

The easiest way to stamp your brand onto custom packaging is to hot foil block.

We all know the impact foil blocking has and combined with cost-effective minimum quantities, you can see why it is such a popular choice, whether as a stand-alone process or when combined with print.

Did you know that hot foil blocking is also recyclable where other printing finishes are not? A study by The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) found that paper products decorated using hot foil blocking were recyclable and compostable, meaning foil blocking is a sustainable choice.

Foiling Advice & Ideas

Nordic deer Martins illustration

Martins Chocolatier Luxury Advent Calendar

A luxury self-fill advent calendar project for Belgium chocolates

Martins Chocolatier-Easter Egg-Drawer-msp

Martins Chocolatier- A Luxury Easter Egg

An open brief for a luxury Easter egg box opened up discussions on premium print finishes and hidden treats for customers.

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