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Corrugated board

There are some products that require a little more structure than a standard folding board carton so this is where a fluted board comes into play (Think cardboard box material!)

Its high-tech construction ensures the material not only protects against moisture but ensures your products are kept safe during transportation, shipping and handling.

We have designed and produced packaging solutions in corrugated board for hamper gift boxes and postal boxes for mail order subscription service, it is the best option when strength and protection are essential.

It is also possible to personalise corrugated packaging, from adding a simple reference number to a full two colour print.

Folding boxboard (FBB)

When you hear boxboard you might imagine a plain material more used in utilitarian packaging rather than gift packaging. The life of most printed and foiled products begin with this product.

Available in different thicknesses and finishes it can be used to package everything from chocolate truffles to luxury candles. Once a design and print finish are applied, it transforms the humble plain boxboard to something of beauty.

Folding boxboard is suitable for all printing and foiling processes and we offer either smooth coated or rough board depending on the look and finish you want to achieve.

If you need your packaging to communicate an environmental message then we also offer natural kraft or FSC® certified board, both are suitable for all personalisation processes, and give your packaging the competitive edge for sustainability.


When you need to create transparent packaging, you may soon discover that two clear plastic materials are commonly used: RPET and PVC.

Clear packaging is the ideal choice when you need to showcase your products. If you need a little more structure then PVC can be combined with specially designed cardboard components which can be printed for added effect.

We are set up to glue PVC which is why we use this for any glued cartons we produce. PVC is less widely recycled so this is why we also offer RPET which is widely recycled throughout the UK and a more sustainable option.

RPET is the ideal choice for any components that do not require any glue, such as a window or an internal clear lid.

Both are suitable for hot foil blocking if you want to add branding to your clear packaging .

Luxury material

If you want to elevate your packaging then we offer premium boards that give your product a luxury look and feel.

Our most popular luxury board is Wibalin Buckram, it is a very durable, embossed board supplied by Winter & Co and is available in a wide range of colours and textures. Wibalin allows for fantastic opportunities for creative design through hot foil blocking.

If you need your premium material to be safe for direct food contact then we offer the Wibalin direct food contact range in black or white. You can rest assured that your packaging not only complies with EU regulations for food packaging but also still feels luxurious.

We have close relationships with a wide range of trusted board suppliers which enables us to source any specialised  materials. We have in the past sourced pearlised boards for cosmetics packaging and specialised soft touch material for a luxury hotel brand.

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