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Print expertise

Printing allows us to transfer a finalised design onto your chosen packaging format and there are many different options available that allow you to create eye-catching branded packaging. We have 25 years of knowledge and experience that allow us to guide you through the different options available, whether you want to achieve a premium glossy look and feel or you need an organic and natural finish.

What is litho print?

Our chosen method of printing here is lithographic, although it gets called lots of things so you might have also heard the terms litho or offset mentioned. Simply put, litho printing is where the image you want to produce is placed on a plate which is then covered in ink. The chosen material for printing then receives the plate and the inks are transferred accordingly (simple!) Not only can you print multiple designs together but litho printing allows you to print onto a wider range of substrates than any other method.

Why choose printing?

If you have a design that involves more than one colour or a photographic image, then litho printing is your option. Although not the cheapest process on volumes less than 500 units, printing will give your packaging a professional and vibrant look and feel. The clarity of the image in litho printing remains consistent across the whole print run, whether printing a spot Pantone colour or CMYK.

Reducing your risk

High risk means all direct food contact packaging which has the potential to bring about an unwelcome change in the products packed within. We were amongst the first in the industry to recognise this risk to primary and secondary packaging, we standardised "migration harmless" inks and coatings for all our lithographically printed food packaging. If you require bespoke food packaging then you couldn’t pick a manufacturer who has more knowledge and understanding than Meridian.

Printing Advice & Ideas

La Maison Marshmallow Pacakaging

La Maison Guimauve – A Luxury Marshmallow Brand Packaging project

A packaging brief to create a Luxury Marshmallow Gift Box Range to be sent through the post.

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