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We design, make, stock and source packaging and meet complex requirements to make it easy to create beautiful packaging which delivers results.

As premium, decorative and food packaging specialists we offer many years of experience and creative expertise. Our dynamic, ambitious approach will transform your packaging experience and show why we have the trust of so many world class businesses. Whether you're a start-up and know nothing about packaging or an experienced buyer looking to challenge your existing suppliers, we want to hear from you...

Who Do We Work With?

We work with companies of all sizes including brand owners, manufacturers, artisan producers, wholesalers, trade packers, premium retailers, design agencies and promotions companies.

Why Place Your Faith In Us?

We are a globally focused, UK-based business which cares about delivering the very best service whatever your order size. We are quality obsessed and operate to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards based on an internally developed "safe building blocks" approach which is supported by BRC-certification. We have the technical, legal, innovative and operational skills required to offer the highest standards in design and manufacturing for printed folding cartons, premium decorative packaging and transparent packaging and our focus on fine quality work and short run requirements sets us apart from other full service packaging suppliers.

Packaging made simple is creative, enjoyable and the best possible way to represent your brands, products or promotions.

Together we succeed by making packaging simple.








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Packaging design, manufacturing and sourcing case studies - learn more about how Meridian helps its customers

Case Studies

Seeing the work we've done for other customers is a great way to learn more about how we could help you. We produce work for customers in multiple markets each sharing an ambition to create beautiful, effective packaging which advances their products and their brands.

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The Home of Beautiful Custom Packaging

Meridian Speciality Packaging is a design and innovation focused manufacturer with a strong tradition of working in food retail, premium confectionery and gift packaging markets. No order is too small for us to consider and we value every one of our thousands of customers whether they order once in a lifetime or every day.

Our capabilities cover four key areas: Design, Manufacturing, Stock (storage and distribution) and Sourcing.

Our growth has come from placing our customers at the heart of every decision we make. Rather than chase work we allow relationships to evolve over time.

We have confidence in what we do and faith in our ability to adapt flexibly to the changing packaging landscape so it makes sense to allow work to develop gradually as a result of mutual trust and positive experiences.

If that sounds like a good fit for your business, why not take a look around our site - or better still get in touch.

About Meridian

See Our Work

Sometimes the only way to imagine how we can help with your packaging is to look at what we've done before. We've produced a gallery of the results of some of the fantastic projects we've worked on recently.


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Meridian Packaging

About Meridian

'We' are Meridian Speciality Packaging, a forward-thinking, family-owned business balancing traditional values, customer-focus and innovation in premium quality packaging. We welcome conversations about packaging which can start from any point. We have a long history of building trust and retaining customers through a dedication to getting things right. If you like to read there's plenty here on our custom packaging website. Or you can always just get in touch!

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Why We're Special

We're more than just another packaging supplier. Our market knowledge, skilled workforce, legal and technical food packaging competency and commitment to small-format production drives competitive short-run prices. We focus on low waste, high quality, operator-led craftsmanship, perfectly suited to the artisan food, premium gift and confectionery markets. What we offer is often hard to explain because it has many sides.

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Types of Packaging We Manufacture

We work with both carton board (folding box board and specialist paperboards) and semi-rigid transparent films (predominantly PVC and PET in different forms).

As well as contracting diverse specialist printing and coating and laminating our manufacturing covers hot foiling, debossing and embossing, thermoforming round or oval base and lid boxes, transparent box making for food, premium retail and cosmetics, all types of printed folding cartons, transparent drums, two part card gift boxes, fluted point of sale and mailing boxes, gift-wrapped boxes including complex hand assembly work, and much more.

As well as the example list below, we can manufacture almost anything you can imagine in card or transparent materials, so why not let us know about your packaging project and we can talk about how we could help.

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Header & Backing Cards

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Window Cartons

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Two-Piece Fold Flat Boxes

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Transparent Packaging

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Shelf Ready & Display

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Small Cartons

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Multi-Component Packaging

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Pillow Packs

What's More Exciting Than Designing Packaging?

We admit that we're packaging geeks - we love nothing more than creating new and interesting packaging, whether that's new structural or graphic design concepts. It's never too early to get in touch and we are happy to support you right the way through your own new product development process, producing multiple prototypes right through to when you need to present concepts to buyers or your internal management. To read more about our approach to design, click below...

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We Do More than just Make and Tick Boxes

We have made packaging quality and product safety the heart of everything we do, creating a culture of continuous improvement which starts with a solid foundation based on our "safe building blocks" approach to designing for compliance. 

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Meridian Speciality Packaging

With 23 years of industry experience we have built up an extensive network of trusted suppliers over this period, including contacts who are able to help us offer customers a complete one-stop-shop service for all their packaging requirements.

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We've released a series of packaging case studies to showcase some of our key strengths: flexibility, short lead-times, capability in complex multi-component work, design flair and more...

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